Configuration Menu - Resource


The fourth item is "Resource"

Clicking on Resource opens the following screen:


Another Configuration Menu is on the left side of the screen


The double arrow at the bottom of that menu toggles the menu on and off

Items on the Title Bar


1) "Home" sends you back to the Home screen

2) "Select Site" allows you to select one Site (or all Sites). When selected, the Resources for that Site displays on the screen, ready to edit.

3) "Save All Rows" - See "Editing Modes / Batch mode" below

4) "Cancel Batch edit" - See "Editing Modes / Batch mode" below

5) "Community" sends you to the White Star Software ProTop Community web page

6) The user name opens the Configuration Menu

Selecting a Site for Resource Editing

Displays the following Screen img00500

Editing Modes

Once you've selected a Site from the drop-down menu on the Title Bar, a list of Resources for that Site displays, one Resource to a row. You may edit them in one of two modes:

1) Batch mode - edit Resource data directly in the rows, as shown on screen. Edits done in this mode can be updated or canceled as a group with "Save All Rows" and "Cancel Batch edit" buttons in the Title Bar. The screen for editing in batch mode shows in the prior graphic.

2) Single Row mode - there are two methods of entering Single Row editing mode. One is to use the edit icon on the left side of the row you wish to edit. The other is to select a row by clicking on it and then clicking the edit icon on the left side of the Bottom Bar. Either way opens a box for you to edit the Resource. Edits made here are not affected by the batch edit buttons on the Title Bar, but are controlled by the "Submit" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom of the editing box.

In both modes, the row you are editing has a green background.

Deleting a Resource

Delete a row in one of two ways. You can select the delete icon on the row you wish to delete, or you can select a row by clicking on it and using the delete icon on the Bottom Bar.

Resource Rows

Select a Site and edit in Batch Mode or, using the Edit Icon, open an editing box to edit a selected Resource in Single Row mode.


Field Information
Sort order Determines sort order of rows in the alert dashboard. 202.01.07 Need clarification - Dana can't get it to do anything.
Name Name of the Resource in the format of 'site.resource.' Only lowercase alphanumeric characters are allowed.
db Path Complete path to the database, including the database file name less the '.db' extension.
Server name Name of the server the Resource is running on. On UNIX servers, the command "uname-n" displays the name of the server. On Windows servers, it is the "hostname."
Active Y/N - The database service for the Resource runs and tracks in ProTop.
Alerts Y/N - ProTop alerts set up for this Resource.
Type Text entry for the user - Allows users to group Resources. Resource tracking requirements vary with the role of the Resource. Development Resources require less detailed monitoring than Test Resources, which require less detailed monitoring than Production Resources. With three different 'Type's, you can link all of each level's Resource monitoring to one configuration definition, .cfg
Default Dashboard A drop-down menu allows you to set the default dashboard view of the Resource.
Description Free form text for notes on setting this Resource.
HB Check The time, in seconds, between each Heartbeat Check.
BK Check Backup Check threshold in seconds. A Backup Alert generates whenever the time of the most recent full backup is greater than BK Check. For backups scheduled every 24 hours (86,400 seconds), 30 hours (108,000 seconds) is a suggested value.
BK Notes Free form text for notes on backups for this Resource.
thold values in the following four fields The number of (operations) per second needed to generate a plot point on the "Table and Index Statistics" graphical display. Display is available via a drop-down menu accessed by clicking on Home> Resources> '+'Site> Resource. Set too low, you'll be overwhelmed with data. Too high, too few data points to be significant. The default values are a good starting point for medium-sized Resources.
tHold CUD Record Creates/Updates/Deletes per second thresHold.
tHold OS Operating System Reads/Writes per second threshold.
tHold Rd Record Reads per second threshold.
tHold Tx Database Transactions per second threshold.
Demo name I have no idea

stopped here on Jira 33 from Paul.

Items on the Bottom Bar


Field Information
+ Create a new Resource row/record.
Edit Icon Edit a pre-selected row in single edit mode.
Delete Icon Delete a pre-selected row.
Search Icon Search for Resources/rows in the current Site.
<< Return to the first page of Resources for the current Site.
< Go the previous page of Resources for the current Site.
Page Current page of Resources for the current Site.
of Total number of pages of Resources for the current Site.
>> Go to the last page of Resources for the current Site.
> Go to the next page of Resources for the current Site.
'100' drop-down Allows the user to select how many rows/Resources to display on a page.
View Number of Resources/rows you are viewing on the current page.
of Total number of Resources/rows for the selected Site.